You Tube’s “News Near You”

So, have you heard about You Tube’s new News Near You feature that senses your location and serves up a list of relevant videos?¬† They are partnering with local TV stations to obtain that video – so they can compete with you.¬† At least that was my immediate reaction until I talked with AR&D 2.0 guru Terry Heaton.

Now You Tube says this partnership will produce a new revenue source for TV stations – although at this time – the cash flow seems miniscule.¬† So, shouldn’t local TV newscasts be concerned about this latest ploy by a national Internet competitor?¬†¬† Again that was my reaction until Terry said to me, “that’s where your mass market mindset can trip you out.”¬†¬† That’s a nice way to tell me to quit thinking in the past.

Terry Heaton says he “absolutely believes” our clients should be ¬†partnering with You Tube in this venture.¬† The main reason, Terry says, “it is an audience that we will never reach any other way.”¬†¬† He points out that You Tube is the world’s second biggest search engine, and “they can’t find us if we’re not on there.”

OK, I can buy that argument – but just like when local stations started providing news on CNN – it means we are giving away our biggest strength – localism – that drives viewers to our TV station websites.¬† Again, Terry shot holes in my thinking.¬† He says, there is no evidence that supports that assumption, and that “there is plenty of evidence that the audience of You Tube is happy to stay right where they are.¬† So the reality is we are dismissing an entire generation because they have no interest in coming to TV station web sites.”¬†¬†¬† The clear implication is – the You Tubers simply have no interest in going to your local TV web site – but if your videos play on You Tube they might trip across your newscast – or start to have at least a video relationship with your news product.

Terry also offers a hard economic argument for partnering with You Tube to show your local newscast video.   While the payments may be tiny now the money will grow Рand when it does Рit will go to those stations that are participating and partnering with You Tube.

So there you have it.  The advice to me Рand you  Рis get your head out of the past Рand plunge it directly into the future.  It is all about being everywhere possible on the Internet Рand You Tube is a highly visible place to be.


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