• Holy Cow! Nielsen Finally Sees It My Way!

    July 20th, 2010

    If you are a regular reader of this blog you are well aware of my disdain for the unscientific ratings monopoly that is Mother Nielsen. So, imagine my shock and awe when I saw an article in something called “Media News” today that showed the ratings juggernaut is in agreement with my Baby Boomer demo campaign.

    I have been advocating for years that television advertisers – and NSI – must jettison their pursuit of the 18-49 or 25-54 demo and go after the real spenders – that huge Baby Boomer bubble. Well, “Media News” reports that Nielsen is now saying that by focusing on the younger demos – “advertisers and consumer goods manufacturers are overlooking a group that has tremendous buying power.” The article says “There are an estimated 78 million boomers, where the oldest are about 64 and the youngest around 46, meaning they are about to age out of the advertiser-coveted demos.”

    Eureka! That has been my very point for years. Check out my blog from June of 2008 (“Change the Key Demo to 30-to-60″), or my blog from August of 2009 (“C’mon move that key demo to 30-to-60″). I wouldn’t expect Nielsen and I to agree totally on some issue – but we are close on this one – I say the key advertiser demo for TV should be 30-to-60, Nielsen is now advocating 46-to-64.

    We are in total agreement on the spending power of those Baby Boomers. They have all the disposable income – and there are 78 million of them between the ages of 46-to-64. But, NSI estimates that less than 5% of all TV ad dollars are aimed at those aged 35-to-64.

    So once again I climb on my soapbox – this time with the backing of Nielsen – and say, as I did in 2008 and 2009 – TV groups and general managers need to join together to move that key advertising demo to 30-to-60 year-olds. Your bottom-line will thank you for it!

    Oh – and if Mother Nielsen and I agree on something – can world peace be far behind?


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  • OMG! It’s hot in NYC! Alert the media!

    July 6th, 2010

    For years we have all known that no story is really a national story unless it occurs east of the Potomac. That is certainly proven once again this week because – OMG! – it’s hot in New York City! It makes me laugh to watch the national news media fall over themselves to talk about the “dangerous heat” that is sweeping the East Coast.

    I happen to live in Dallas where it has been in the high 90′s – and OMG! – even reached 100 degrees a few times already this summer. Amazingly we all survived – and the national media failed to swoop into town to breathlessly report on the “dangerous heat” we were experiencing.

    In fact, there have been many cities throughout the Midwest that have flirted with – or actually dipped over 100 degrees – this summer. But there was no national correspondent standing on the dust swept streets in Kansas to warn us how to protect ourselves from the oppressing temperatures.

    Of course, it is the same story with flooding which gets short shrift on the national newscasts and channels – unless it affects the suits at the networks. Then it becomes BIG national news. I see it, and chuckle to myself. And they wonder why those East Coast-centric national newscasts continue to lose relevancy with the viewers across America. Duh!

    It reminds me of the time I spent as a news director in Buffalo back in the day. It was a few years after the big Blizzard of ’77. We noticed that winter never officially started anywhere in the country – until we had a blizzard-like storm in Buffalo. The national media would come to town and make a big deal out of it – Buffalonians would laugh at the coverage – and get back to their shoveling and plowing – comforted by the knowledge that once again they had helped the country officially move into the winter snow season. It was our civic duty apparently.

    And so it is – now that the East Coast has reached sweltering temperatures – the summer heat season has officially begun. That’s good to know.


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