• It Must Be Some @#$% Consultant!

    December 17th, 2010

    We’re all creatures of habit and like to go places we know, and where we’re comfortable.  That premise was the basis for a very popular TV series called “Cheers” – where everybody knew your name.

    That holds true at the places where we frequently shop too.   When I’m at my favorite East Texas fishing lake I always shop at the Wally World store in Gun Barrel City.  It’s a Walmart Super Store and I know exactly where everything is that I need.  I can be in and out in less than ten minutes on a good day.

    That is – I USED to be able to walk right to the aisle that had what I needed.  Then this summer, someone got the bright idea of changing EVERY aisle and every shelf in the store.  Comfortable was no longer the word that came to mind.  Everyone in the place from the worker bees to the shoppers were bumping into each other, scratching their heads, and getting very angry at not being able to find anything in its old place.  What a zoo!

    Months later I can now find some of the items I need in that store.  Life was finally returning to normal.  That is until I walked into my corner Kroger Food Store this week.  OMG! – another zoo had broken out in the once comfortable store I had known for two decades.

    Now Kroger was moving EVERY item in the store to a different aisle.  Nothing made sense.  Garbage bags and toilet paper were where the Diet Sunkist soda used to be stacked.  Just as at Wally World – every employee shrugged their shoulders when asked where some item might be, shoppers were not smiling, and I was grumbling to whoever would listen.

    Just like when Walmart went through its metamorphosis I asked every employee – “whose idea was this?”  Just like at Walmart every Kroger staffer said they had no idea who decided this was a good idea – or why.

    Then it struck me.  Of course!  I know whose idea this was.

    It must have been some @#$% consultant!

    I hope you have a peaceful holiday season and a great 2011 – and that every one of your favorite places remains comfortable.


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