How Ridiculous Are People Meters? Read On….

Here is a short tale that really showcases how ridiculous Nielsen’s “People Meters” really are.  It clearly illustrates why this monopoly needs competition and how the numbers that TV stations live and die with every day – are so very shaky.

I have a client station – that shall remain nameless – in a NSI LPM market – that shall remain nameless – that just lost half of their A25-54 audience in their morning newscast.  A number that had been cruising along at a steady 1 in the demo – suddenly dropped to a .5 and stayed there.  Now – we know that in this market – one A25-54 demo point equals a whopping two LPM boxes.

The other day, one of the anchors on this morning newscast received an email from a loyal viewer saying how much she missed her in the morning but the viewer’s work schedule had changed so she left much earlier each day.  And – the emailer added – “I also have one of those “Nielsen thingies that monitor my viewing.”

Ah Ha!  There is the answer to the riddle of why this station’s morning newscast suddenly lost half of its A25-54 demo.  ONE of their fans – who happened to have a NSI box – goes to work earlier now and misses the newscast.

So based on that little anecdote is Nielsen’s LPM system ridiculous and flawed?   I rest my case.






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